Kitchen Sooda

Happy Hour

Mon ~ Sun

(5pm ~ 8pm)

Happy hour no. 1

Oyster Special

Minimum Order: 1/2 Dozen

$ 1.75 / piece

Fried wings with ketchup, sauce on a wooden board

Happy hour no. 2

Chimac Combo
(치맥 콤보)

Choose one tap beer from selection:

$ 31.99
Original Fried Wings + A Pitcher of Tap Beer (60 oz) Combo

Happy hour no. 3

Bottle Beer Combo
(병맥 콤보)

Choose two bottled Korean beer from selection:
✔️ Hite, ✔️Kloud, ✔️Cass

$ 33.99
Korean Style Whole Chicken + 2 Bottles of Korean Beer


Happy hour no. 4

Soju Combo
(소주 콤보)

$ 32.99
A Bottle of Soju + Stew

Choose one soju from selection:
✔️ CHUM SHRUM (처음 처럼),
✔️JINRO is BACK (진로 이즈 백),
✔️CHAM ISUL FRESH (참이슬 후래쉬),
✔️CHAM ISUL ORIGINAL (참이슬 오리지널),

Choose one stew:

Clear Fresh Clam Soup

Seafood Sizzling Stew

Clear Mussel Soup

Army Stew

Spicy mixed seafood stew

Online Order Hours

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Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 AM

Friday & Saturday: 12:30 AM